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The following client testimonials are printed with support and permission:


“I didn’t have the image of harming myself last night and I usually have that thought at bedtime.  I tried to get it, but I just couldn’t access that image…ya it’s good, it’s just that I have never not had that image so…it’s weird. 


“I would define my experience with EMDR as life changing.  Other therapists were only able to access my mind and in my case, my memories were stored in my body.  EMDR is the only therapy that I have ever experienced that was able to “unfreeze” the body memory and lessen my trauma…I would highly recommend Tamara for not only her approach, but the way she is available as a therapist and gives her patients coping strategies when they are out in the real world.”


“EMDR is effective.  After many years of therapy, it was the only therapy that enabled me to feel and express in the moment.  I was apprehensive about the technique once I realized it could quickly tap into emotions that were fearful to me, but with Tamara’s honest and calming style, I quickly became comfortable with the process and that is saying an enormous amount, as comfort for me is a four-letter word.  I no longer want to harm myself; this is a rather big one for me…I find that I can take more compliments now…less and less experience with anxiety, but mostly very few moments of intense, seemingly undriven anxiety with bouts of depression.  If I could go out on a tour with Tamara speaking about my experiences I’d gladly do it.  That’s how much of a fan I am of both EMDR and Tamara.”


“EMDR has been markedly more effective than any other therapy that I’ve ever done.  Every session felt focused and productive – no time wasted on meandering and unfruitful conversations.  I was surprised and very pleased with how quickly we worked through my issues.  Because of EMDR my past seems to have less effect on my life.  I feel less inhibited by myself.  My self-confidence has improved.  As for Tamara, I found her to be very caring and helpful.  Her approachable manner made me feel comfortable and at ease.  I felt no hesitation in bringing up subjects.  I felt in the past that my therapist either talked too much or too little.  Tamara’s approach was very balanced, her responses were succinct and provided helpful perspectives.”


“Before I started EMDR, I made sure to ask a lot of professionals about it. Most doctors were actually very supportive of it.  I spoke to a few Trauma survivors that were in support. So I gave it a try and I a glad I did.  It really does make a difference.  I went from having random, full-blown panic attacks with shouting, crying and hyperventilating to now just having mini attacks with occasional anxiety.  I can finally be social again.  And, some days I even feel like my old self.”

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